Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

Google Slides Presentation

Voice Thread

I have created many power point presentations in my lifetime, but I learned something new while doing this assignment. I have always included bullet points on nearly every slide. I include a lot of the information I plan to talk about so I don’t forget what I’m going to say and so my students can take good notes. While doing this assignment, I realized I do not always have to include everything I am going to say, in fact, I can have a slide without any words at all if I want to. If I were to start limiting the amount of information and bullet points I put on my presentations, student might be more worried about what I am saying than writing down each slide word for word. I will be changing the presentations I use in my classroom in the future. I also like the idea of provided a Voice Thread with my presentations. It would allow students to go back and access the notes along with what I said with each slide. Voice Thread would be a great way to provide accommodations to students with special needs.

I also learned a lot about the digital divide and digital inequality. To be honest, when I began this assignment I did not think there was a big difference between the two. The digital divide gap may be closing, but digital inequality is still a huge concern. I think it is very important to look at how technology is being used because access to technology does not do much good if it is not being used in a beneficial manner. The use of technology is something I plan to keep in mind as I continue to use technology in my classroom. I should spend more time teaching students how to conduct a proper search, evaluate sources, and use other web tools. It made me think about the fact that social studies content is important, but even more important is teaching my students life skills.

If I had more time, I would have liked to change my survey and sent it out again. There are some questions that are not very valid from a research standpoint. I would have also gone into more depth on the questions and asked for more written responses. As I was working on the assignment, I found myself thinking a lot about how the students view educational technology. I would have liked to create and administer a student survey to get more information and the other side of the story.


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