Week 12: Teaching Style

My teaching style is primarily teacher-centered and lecture-driven. I think this is because I was taught using this style. As I have taken courses and attended trainings, I have begun to realize that there is a better way to reach students, and I have been trying to adapt my own teaching style. While my style is still probably primarily teacher-centered, I am striving to include more student-centered activities and let some of my controlling tendencies go. I think the online environment requires instructors to shift from a teacher-centered style to a more student-centered style. Lectures are often more suitable for asynchronous delivery in the online environment. There are many more distractions available to students in the online environment, so lectures must be engaging enough to hold student attention and there must be a way to hold students accountable for the information they are needing to learn from the lecture. This is where synchronous meetings could come in handy. Synchronous meetings could be used to provide students with an opportunity to ask questions they may have and to also assess whether or not they have an understanding of the required information and concepts. Synchronous meetings could also be used to facilitate group work in an online environment, to hold engaging discussions, and as a presentation tool.


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