Week 4 Online Community Building

I chose to join a couple different communities through Google+. I joined Connected Learning, Educational Leadership, and Teachers Helping Teachers. I chose to join these groups because Google+ is still relatively new to me. Joining these communities gives me a chance to further utilize and explore Google+ while collaborating and learning from other teachers. Thus far, I have participated more as an observer than as a contributor in these communities. I enjoy reading through the different articles and ideas that other teachers post. I believe these communities help me stay up to date on what is going on in education as well as providing me with new ideas and strategies to try in my classroom. I enjoy knowing I have a place to go to ask questions and bounce ideas off of other educators. I am the only Psychology teacher in my district, so online communities are very beneficial and valuable to me as a means of communicating with others in the Psychology field. I think online communities could also be very beneficial for students. Online communities allow students to share ideas with others outside of their classroom. They can join communities that align with their interests, which encourages them to further their learning. I also think online communities provide an audience for students to share their thoughts and opinions with. Everyone wants their voice to be heard and to feel validated, and online communities provide a means for this to be accomplished.

Community Building Strategies


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