PBL Reflection

Before learning about PBL this week, I would have had no idea how to define it. I now have a much better understanding of what PBL is. PBL is student learning through real world experiences. Students work to answer a challenging question over a period of time and create a product they can share with others. I enjoy doing projects in my classroom and allowing students some choice and freedom in their learning. I have only done projects that take a day or two to complete. I think incorporating PBL into my classroom could be very beneficial for my students.

Psychology is a subject that is much more interesting to learn about with hands on experiences than through lecture. I believe student could learn and retain more information through a PBL based approach. I am excited to try a new project in my classroom. I am considering creating a project for our unit on developmental psychology. Students could perform research, conduct interviews, and listen to some guest speakers. Students could create a guide for one of the stages of development such as a parenting manual or manual for teenagers. Students could share their creation on a blog, website, or in an open house to which their parents and other community members would be invited. I still have a lot to work out and revise, but it is a starting point.


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