Benefits of Using Multimedia Vlog


3 thoughts on “Benefits of Using Multimedia Vlog

  1. Hi Brittni and thanks for the video. It was nice to hear some of your personal experiences with multimedia. I especially like the part where your teacher used song to help you remember GO Music! 🙂 Anyhow, I am surprised to hear you talk about teachers not using any multimedia in the classroom in your k-12 days. I’m a bit further out of school than you I’d reckon and I remember the same thing. I just can’t believe things wouldn’t change since my day. Hopefully we can bring some tech to education so no one has to suffer through learning the Gettysburg Address without multimedia….Hmmm… I should write a song! Thanks for the vBlog!


    1. I shouldn’t make it sound as though they never used multimedia, but it’s use was limited and very different from that of today. Many of my teachers used Power Point, but it was used for the traditional lecture and note taking. We didn’t have access to computers or iPads unless we were in a computer class, so technology use was very different from what it is now. I have not been graduated for that long, so it is amazing to see how much has changed and the advancements that have been made.


  2. I liked the fact that you defined multimedia. I was thinking of doing it but I felt i was going to use too much time.
    Using multimedia and mnemonics together is such a great idea.

    As an auditory learner, I will be remembering what you said;)


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