School Evaluation Summary

As I completed the groundwork for this assignment, I was amazed at how much really goes into implementing technology. I knew it required some planning and a lot of resources, but I did not realize the depth of effort that is put into technology implementation. I was surprised at the amount of money that the school district spends on technology. I did not think much before about the amount of money the school spends on things like PowerSchool for student attendance and grade records. I was also surprised at the amount of technology our district has. There is quite a bit of technology available, but I think many people do not realize how much is there because it is not always used. I truly believe that further technology training would provide the greatest benefit to the district. It does not matter how much technology is available if students and teachers do not have the knowledge and skills to use it. I was also surprised and disappointed at how few people were involved in the planning process of the technology plan. The plan could benefit from more input from different sources.

I was not as surprised at the information regarding the implementation of technology into the curriculum. I have been in several different classrooms throughout the school building, and I have seen how teachers are using technology. As I stated in my summary, the technology at Marsh Creek High School is still being used mostly in the substitute phase of the SAMR model. There are a lot of improvements that can be made as to how the technology is used. This assignment was very eye-opening to me, and I am now excited about getting more involved in the process of technology implementation within my school and district.

School Evaluation Survey

School Evaluation Summary


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