Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

Professional Ethics Assignment 

This assignment was the most difficult one for me thus far in the course. The most difficult part was choosing an issue to focus on. I was amazed at the amount of challenges that can come with incorporating technology when I really sat down and began to list them. The AECT Code of Professional Ethics made me think about many possible challenges that could arise within educational technology.

Before beginning this assignment, I still did not have a firm understanding of what the AECT Code of Ethics is. I have heard it referred to throughout the course, but I did not pay it much attention or seek out any information regarding it. As I completed the reading and my writing assignment this week, I saw a portion of the value the AECT Code can bring to a profession. I began to reflect on myself as a professional and as an educator thinking about whether or not I was meeting the standards set by each of these standards. I found many areas that I could improve upon. One that stood out to me was that of protecting students’ privacy online, which is why I chose to focus my research on that topic. I know this is an area that my co-workers and I could strive to be better in. I have set a goal to incorporate some of the solutions from my paper into my own classroom practices.

The AECT Code of Professional Ethics provides many ideals for educators and professionals to strive towards. There is a lot of value in having a set of standards for everyone to follow and that allows everyone to be on the same page. Educational technology is still a relatively new field of study, and the AECT Code provides instructors and students with some direction. I truly believe anyone involved in educational technology would greatly benefit from taking a close look and familiarizing themselves with the AECT Code of Professional Ethics.


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