Research Assignment

Research Assignment Link

When I first looked over the requirements for this assignment, I was not overly excited to say the least. I have never enjoyed research, and citing sources makes the list of my least favorite things to do. As I got to work, I was pleasantly surprised that I found myself interested and even enjoying the research a little bit. I found that when researching a topic I am truly invested in, I do not mind putting in the work to find my answers.

I have conducted research online before in high school and in my undergraduate studies, so that was not new to me. The new part to me was the use of Zotero. I found Zotero very easy to use, and I thought it made citing sources so much simpler. I wish I would have been able to utilize Zotero during previous research assignments throughout my education. APA formatting was also something I am unfamiliar with. Previously, I had always been required to use MLA format. Although I was unfamiliar with APA, I did not find it too difficult. There were enough resources available to be able to check the citation with that produced by Zotero.

The research I conducted was actually very useful and relevant to my career. I have been exploring the option of incorporating social media more fully into my classroom for some time, but I have not been brave enough to try it out. Through my research, I found ways that I can start incorporating it and ideas on how to manage students use of those tools. One of my biggest concerns was being able to maintain a professional relationship with my students if I brought social media into the mix. The research on this topic calmed my fears and made me realize it is possible to keep that professionalism. I am eager to put the things I have learned into practice in my own classroom.



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